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Fully Automatic Models with data logger for logging real-time data through 21 CFR compliant software with do documentation and validation.


  • Backed with 56 years of service to science and our expertise in steam pressure sterilization autoclaves. Our Top Loading PRO Series Autoclaves are the ideal companion for the modern microbiologists and institutes, pharma companies, hospitals etc.
  • Leakproof silicon gasket
  • Over pressure safety
  • Safe and sturdy chamber manufactured from Stainless Steel (SS-304)
  • Low water level cut off for safety of heating elements.
  • Independent safety for over temperature protection.
  • Saves Power bills by upto 30%
  • Heat cured epoxy coating on steel exterior OR Stainless Steel exterior (as ordered).
  • Electrical on/off safety switch
  • Easy draining of chamber
  • Easy portability and placement and movement

Usage Portability

  • Single lever locking of lid for faster operations.
  • Heater and pressure interlock for lid lock safety.
  • Effortless lifting of lid with assisted spring push back support
  • Accurate temperature control with user level flexibility. Display process and set values simultaneously.
  • Microprocessor Based Fully Automatic Fuzzy Logic Control System with Alphanumeric Digital backlit LCD display.
  • Automatic Steam purging and exhaust
  • Fitted with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically with alarm for cycle end.
  • With LCD display data logger with REAL TIME, DATE, TIME etc directly on PC (SOFTWARE OPTIONAL) or direct on DOT MATRIX PRINTER.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Inner Dimensions (Dia x Height)250x400mm300x500mm350x550mm400x600mm450x710mm550x760mm
Capacity28/22 Ltrs43/40 Ltrs64/53 Ltrs91/78 Ltrs135/113 Ltrs210/187 Ltrs
Heater Load2.0 KW3.0 KW3.0 KW4.0 KW4.0 KW5.0 KW


  • G-LOG – Fully automatic digital (FAD) with real time data logger with CENTRONIC PRINTER PORT (DOT MATRIX) and USB Port for taking data (Paperless Data Recording) and Saving ON PC. (DOT Matrix Printer to customer scope)
  • P-LOG – Fully automatic digital (FAD) with real time data logger with CENTRONIC PRINTER PORT (DOT MATRIX) and RS-485 PC communication port with 21 CFR compliant software and data cable for logging data directly to your PC. (DOT Matrix Printer and PC to customer scope)
  • Validation documentation (Mapping) with (3+1) point temperature scanning for one cycle each on empty and loaded conditions (to cost extra)
  • Drain/Exhaust cooling through a cooling coil condenser for condensate collection.
  • TFT Touch Screen Display Controller in lieu of LCD display.
  • Vacuum Pulsing thru a vacuum pump.
  • Circular Chart Recorder to cost extra (for Temperature)
  • Circular Chart Recorder to cost extra (for Temperature and Pressure)
  • Spare Silicon Gasket to cost extra.
  • Spare Heater to cost extra.