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Specially designed for high temperature digestion applications food testing labs in soil test labs and research labs etc. with capacity to accommodate 40 test samples to work upto 450 degree C.


  • Casted top with room for heating 40 digestion tubes each of size 24 mm (dia) x 250 mm (long).
  • Heating elements are spread uniformly in the entire block.
  • Temperature range is up to 450˚C.
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller.
  • Also available with an inbuilt timer to control the temperature.
  • Supplied with glass parts.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
ControllerMicroprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller with in-built timer with tubes
DisplayLED with set value (SV) and Process Value (PV)
BLOCK DIMENSIONS 300mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 80mm(D)
Heater Load2.0 KW
Tube Cavity Size25m x 60m(D)
No. of Cavities25m x 60m(D)
No. of Cavities40 holes
Tube Size24mm x 250mm (LENGTH)
Sample Size75 ml
Temperature RangeAmbient +5˚C to 450 ˚C
Temperature Accuracy±2˚C
SensorFe-K Thermocouple
Material (External)Powder Coated CRC Steel
Material (Block)Polished Aluminium
Tube Rack1 No.
Safety DeviceOver Temp. & Over Current Protector
Timer (SAD) (Auto Time Control Unit)Fitted with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically
BuzzerAlarm for cycle end
Power supply230V AC, 50/60Hz