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  • Most useful where high temperature curing is required with maximum temperature upto 1450°C and working temperature range upto 1400°C.
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-controller.
  • Silicon-carbide heating elements are fitted for uniform temperature inside the chamber.
  • Body mounted on a heavy M.S. frame covered with CRC Sheet duly powder coated.
  • Fitted with chamber made of CUMILAG tiles exhibit unique combination of chemical, mechanical stability and insulating properties.
  • These are suitable for applications at high service temperatures.
  • Bubble alumina range of insulating refractories are of light weight, have good load bearing capacity, and low heat capacity.
  • These can be directly exposed to flame, and combustion products.
  • Our furnaces have some very unique features:-
  • * Very high refractoriness, structural strength
  • * Low thermal conductivity, shrinkage and creep.
  • High resistance to reducing atmosphere and Uniform pore size.
  • Distribution and Control through a phase angle control THYRIOSTORISED POWER DRIVE with Soft Start in lieu of Manual Control System, and a multitap solid state step down transformer.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
HEATING CHAMBER (WXHXD)150mmx150mmx300mm
THYRISTON POWER DRIVEPhase Angle control Thyristor Power drive. Along with voltage/current control and limit facility.
TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER CUM INDICATORMicroprocessor Digital PID Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller
TEMPERATURE RANGE1450⁰C Maximum, Working Upto 1400°C
THERMOCOUPLEInput Sensor:- Pt.Pt./Rh 30% Type “R” with Recrystalized alumina sheath & connecting holder complete set.
THERMAL INSULATIONSUPER REFRACTORY and FIBROUS CERAMIC of appropriate grade and low heat capacity
CONSTRUCTION(Floor Model Type) Rugged body; height of the door from the floor is approx 4.5 feet with steel stand. Swing aside door, manually operated front side of the furnace
COOLING FAN/AIR CIRCULATIONAttached with Furnace, Provided inside the control unit to protect COSTLY COMPONENT
ELECTRIC SUPPLYInput Supply 230V AC, 50Hz


  • Profile controller with ramp and soak profiles with multiple programmes and steps, in lieu of standard controller.
  • Spare Silicon Carbide Heating rod to cost extra.
  • Spare Clip to hold heating rod.