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HEPA filtered air assist in restricting particulate contamination through the clean air dynamic pass box. Electromagnetic door interlock prevents cross-contamination


  • Pass Box is used a safe passage to transfer the material, tools or items from unclassified area to classified area without opening the door. Designed normally to be installed on the outside area intermitted wall between clean room and any other room.
  • It is a rectangular compartment with two doors at its extreme.
  • It helps in achieving the aim of material transfer without disturbing the cleanliness level of the room.
  • Hinged doors are provided with a glass viewing window through which the material kept for transfer can be seen.
  • One of the doors opens in the cleanroom whereas the other door opens in the other room.
  • These doors are electrically inter-locked type so that only one door can be opened at a time.
  • This avoids the direct flow of air from the cleanroom to the other room or vice-versa.
  • This also prevents the need to open the cleanroom door frequently for transferring of material from and into the cleanroom.
  • So, it helps in fulfilling the purpose of material transfer without disturbing the cleanliness level of the cleanroom.
  • These dynamic units are specially designed Pass Boxes fitted with HEPA Filter and motor blower unit.
  • The motor blower unit automatically starts at the time of opening any of the doors.
  • This complete setup acts as a pressure chamber and only clean air enters the clear room thus maintaining the cleanliness level of a cleanroom.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Chamber Size (inch)18”x18”x18”24”x24”x24”24”x24”x36”