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"MAC" Dry Bath Incubators come in either single, dual or four block models, along with a complete set of interchangeable blocks. Designed for denaturing DNA melting agar, coagulation studies, hybridization and hot start thermo-cycled reaction.


  • Designed for multi-function dry bath heating.
  • Ideal for Enzyme Reactions, Inactivation of Sera, Incubation and other laboratory procedures.
  • Precise temperature control from ambient +5°C to 100°C with ±1°C accuracy.
  • User’s self-compensation functions for the temperature to counter for the difference between block temperature and sample temperature.
  • Fitted with MICROPROCESSOR BASED PID DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-cum-CONTROLLER for auto control with respect to time and temperature and is also fitted with IN-BUILT BUZER TIMER for AUTO CONTROL to indicate cycle end.
  • Supplied with set one tube heating block as per the block capacity.
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller having an individual display for set value and process value.
  • Heating cavity of 49mm carries one heating blocks of size 96mm (L) x 96mm (B) x 49 mm(H) each.
  • Recessed well/ cavity accommodates one interchangeable aluminum insert block.
  • Block extraction tool facilitates lifting of hot blocks for easy interchangeability.
  • MAC Dry Heating Block Incubators are powerful, compact and accurate everything you need for the precision heating of test tubes, cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, and other small containers.
  • High performance and user-friendly controls combine to produce a specification which offers exceptional efficiency and reliability. The benefit to you-convenient, no fuss heating!
  • Excellent temperature control.
  • Uniform and stable heating.
  • New compact size.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
ControllerMicroprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller with in-built timer
DisplayLED with set value (SV) and Process Value (PV)
Block Dimensions96mm(L) x 96mm (B) x 49mm (H)
No. of Blocks 124
Heater Load750 Watts
Temperature RangeAmbient +5°C to 100°C
Temperature Accuracy±1°C
Material ExternalPowder Coated CRC Steel
BlockPolished Aluminium
Block Extraction Tool1 No. Supplied with the unit for easy interchangeability of heating blocks
Timer (SAD)Fitted with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically
BuzzerAlarm for cycle end
Power Supply230V AC, 50/60 Hz