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  • Designed to disinfect and for rapid sterilization of instruments kidney trays, bed pans, basins, bowls, utensils etc.
  • Allows easy access to samples can be easily seen and are not obscured by high sides baths.
  • Uses less water and energy.
  • Economically priced without compromising quality.
  • Inner and Outer both body is made of Stainless Steel AISI-304 grade with automatic corded motorized lift.
  • Supplied with instrument tray and a hanger system to dip the instruments fully in water.
  • Floor mounted model with Automatic corded remote controlled motorized lift/closure of top lid.
  • Drain outlet provided for fast emptying.
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based Semi Automatic Digital Temperature Controller with in-built digital timer.
  • Temperature control range from Ambient +5°C to 99°C.
  • Auto time feature switch off the heating with buzzer after completion of set time period.
Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations
Size600x450x400 mm600x600x500 mm900x600x500 mm
Capacity112 Ltrs.180 Ltrs.280 Ltrs.